Welcome to Helsingborg

Premiär för den nya lekplatsen Surflekan på Gröningen.

Kids surf paradise

Surflekan can be the children’s dream destination. The newly opened Surflekan is like no other playground, climbing the giant wave, balancing on surfboards and riding the slide from the giant octopus. The fact that the fine sandy beach Fria Bad is just beside makes this a perfect summer excursion. Welcome to Helsingborg!


Nice sandy beaches

In Helsingborg it is always close to the sea and fantastic sandy beaches! Choose between long sandy beaches surrounded by wonderful nature or the chic city beach Tropical Beach with palm trees and high pulse.

Let the whole sea be this year’s pool access and your pool. How many of Helsingborg’s 22 bathing places have you tested?


A different summer

This summer will be different. We must all take into account the guidelines of the Swedish Public Health Agency and take our responsibility. In Helsingborg, everyone is asked to keep 15 buns with a bun distance – ie 2 meters. Let Helsingborg and the region surprise you with its beautiful nature, long beaches and exciting activities, maybe you should also try a bun with bun? Let the summer be the best in Helsingborg!


End of ideas?

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Lådcykel 2019 högupplöst

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Most often you will find us on Stortorget with our bike at 10:00 to 16:00. The exact position is shown on the link below. Welcome.

Stay in Helsingborg

In Helsingborg, there is accommodation for all tastes and budgets. Whether you choose to stay in a luxury suite or camping cabin, we have something that suit you. Here you can book your accommodation or read more about selected hotels and hostels.