Guide to Helsingborg


Kärnan, meaning ”The Core,” is an iconic medieval tower previously part of a large fortress, that dominates the skyline of Helsingborg.


The Terrace Stairs, is a historic staircase that takes you up to Kärnan. A great spot for panoramic views of the city and across the Öresund strait. Tip! There is a lift to bypass the steps.

Sofiero slott i sommarskrud utanför Helsingborg

Sofiero Palace

Located just outside the city, Sofiero Palace is a former royal residence surrounded by beautiful gardens and picturesque walking paths.

Vy över skördefälten på Fredriksdal museer och trädgårdar. Bostadshus o bakgrunden.

Fredriksdal Museums and Gardens

Fredriksdal is an open-air museum and cultural history centre that takes visitors on a journey through Sweden’s past. With historic buildings, gardens, and cultural exhibits.

Exteriör bild av Mariakyrkan. Gotisk stil i tegel.

St. Mary’s Church (Sankta Maria Kyrka)

St. Mary’s Church is a prominent landmark in Helsingborg. The church’s architecture, with its tall spire and intricate details, reflects the medieval craftsmanship of the time.

Rådhuset (City Hall)

Standing proudly in the heart of Helsingborg, Rådhuset, or City Hall, built in the early 20th century is a symbol of Helsingborg and a architectural masterpiece

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Take part in the Swedish tradition of cold bathing.

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Day trip to Helsingør

’Two countries, one destination’ something we like to say. A visit to Helsingør, Denmark is only a short 20 minute ferry ride away.