My heart and home is in Helsingborg – I am here to stay!

Alejandro Bustos, a Colombian entrepreneur, came to Helsingborg in 2021 together with his ex-wife who was starting a Masters Programme at Lund University Campus Helsingborg. Alejandro knew of Sweden and Stockholm before, but Helsingborg was a complete blind spot on his world map until he arrived. Alejandro has a background in Journalism and History and is very curious about new cultures. Despite going through a divorce during his first year in Helsingborg he made the decision he wanted to stay. 

Today Alejandro is self-employed and runs two companies in marketing and communication services, one company registered in Colombia and one in Sweden. 

I have found many new friends in Helsingborg and I have no intention of leaving and going back to Colombia. 

What are your top 3 things about living in Helsingborg?

– Helsingborg has the perfect balance between a small city and a big town

– The city has a rich cultural life, bars and restaurants but it is not too crowded and busy

– Helsingborg is also a very safe city with a welcoming atmosphere

Anything that has surprised you since moving to Helsingborg?

I still can’t get over the fact that there is such an engaged and thriving ex-pat community in Helsingborg and a good mixture between Swedes and internationals. 

As an entrepreneur I am impressed by the amount of start-ups and innovation hubs a city of Helsingborg’s size can offer. Another interesting fact I had no clue about before is that Helsingborg has Sweden’s second biggest harbour and is a very important logistic node in southern Sweden. For example all bananas that are shipped to Sweden arrive at Helsingborg harbour. 

Could you recommend Helsingborg to other internationals? Why?  

Yes, there is something here for everybody! No matter what your incentives are for moving to Helsingborg there will always be activities and services to help and guide you. Helsingborg is also a greenhouse for new ideas where you can find both public and private capital to develop ideas. Swedes make really good friends as well. 

You have to think about Swedes like popcorn, says Alejandro and laughs. They can be a bit hard at first, but once you warm them up they will pop and give you so much in return.