We want to stay in Helsingborg! 

Kimberly and Kai Fischer and their two children left Germany for Helsingborg in 2022. Kai was at the time working for Haldex and was offered a position at their Head Office in Landskrona, just south of Helsingborg. It is a big project to move a whole family to a new country and not everyone in the family embraced the idea of moving. 

– Our oldest child who was 9 years old at the time was very much against moving, says Kimberly. However, now he loves his life here and has made lots of new friends at Helsingborg International School. 

The original plan was to stay in Helsingborg for about two years and then move back to Germany, but that has changed. Kai has recently left Haldex and is looking for a new job in Sweden. We are really happy in Helsingborg and the whole family wants to stay here. 

What are your top 3 things about living in Helsingborg?

– The ocean and closeness to the nature 

– Not so crowded, but still plenty of activities and exciting things to see and do. 

– Everything is so close and convenient

Anything that has surprised you since moving to Helsingborg? 

We were surprised to feel so welcome! Immediately upon arrival we were invited to a welcome reception at Helsingborg International School and other social activities organised by Helsingborg International Connections (HIC). We were not prepared to meet such an engaged international community in Helsingborg and that really made us feel comfortable and at home right from the start. 

Could you recommend Helsingborg to other internationals? Why? 

Yes, I think it is a good fit for anyone, both students, professionals and families! We once heard that Helsingborg was referred to as the “pearl of Skåne” and think that is very true.