At the same time as Helsingborg is a bubbling city, you will always have the wonderful nature around the corner. For those who are looking for pleasant walks, there is a lot to choose from in the city and the surrounding area. How about a fresh walk along the beachpromenade, beautiful Pålsjöskog or the popular Landborgpromenade which offers a fantastic view of the city, the sea and Denmark.

If you instead want to hike a little further and maybe even plan an overnight stay, the Kullaleden is a perfect alternative that extends towards the Kulla peninsula and further towards Ängelholm. The options are many and here is something that suits everyone!

Photo: Atelje Lena


Hike on Kullaleden with overnight stay. Choose from everything from tent to hotels or cozy B & B.


Söderåsen National Park is only 50 km from Helsingborg.

Art Street HBG

A different and cool walk that takes you around the city’s street art.

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