Padel has quickly become one of Sweden’s most popular sports. It is a simple and fun sport you play two against two, perfect for a group of friends or family. The sport is largely similar to tennis, with the big difference that you get to use the walls to help during the match.

Helsingborg is a major paddle destination in Sweden. In fact, there are the largest number of paddle halls, distributed among the inhabitants of the city, in all of Sweden. There are several different types of halls, those with more than 12 meters in ceiling height for the ultimate experience, halls with several outdoor courts for fun games during the summer and some courts are paved in beautiful green areas.

If you have never tried paddle before or are an big fan, you have already come to the right place. Helsingborg is the perfect city for you who want a activity that guarantees laughter. Padel is fun for everyone!

Helsingborgs padelcourts

Padel Crew

Rännarbanan 32, Helsingborg

042-442 26 50

Helsingborgs Padel

Pinnmogatan 2, Helsingborg

042 – 400 72 00

Helsingborgs Racketklubb

Hortensiagatan 8, Helsingborg

010-155 54 23

Padel & Pilates

Fabriksgatan 2, Ödåkra

042 – 128190

Pålsjö Tennis

Romares väg 14C, Helsingborg

0733-24 53 34


Olympiaområdet, Helsingborg


Torbornavägen 1, Helsingborg

073 267 80 80