A Day at the Beach

A day at the beach is essential when the sun is out and the winds are warm. Pack your beach bag and visit some of the city’s most central beaches and bathing spots. Go past Zoegas café & butik on the way and get yourself a freshly ground “coffee to go”!

Do you like sandy beaches? Then you need to try Tropical Beach or Fria Bad which are quite shallow and great for both adults and younger bathers alike. On the Tropical Beach, the palm trees sway in the wind and really make you feel like you’re somewhere else. If you get hungry, you can grab a bite to eat at the Tropic Bar, the restaurant in the middle of the beach.

Tropical Beach

Fria Bad is definitely a favourite beach of Helsingborgers. If it’s sunny out, there will be a lot of people there but the beach is long and wide so there’s always plenty of room. If you want to get into the water without stepping in the sand, just jump off one of the piers. There are also several restaurants and kiosks dotted along the beach if your tummy starts rumbling. Choose from Barfota Beach House or VIA 95 among others.

Do you think sand is annoying and really something you’d rather not to track home? Try Gröningen! It is not only a huge stretch of grass running along the ocean but also made up of wooden decking and piers. There really is something for everyone. Gröningen runs along the beach walkway just before you get to Fria Bad. If you change your mind and you do feel like you want to dig your toes in the sand, just move over a few hundred metres. Pretty good, huh?