Guide: Unique Boutiques in Helsingborg


The small store with the big heart! You will find ladies wear from Ilse Jacobsen, Ralph Lauren, Moscow and several others. Read more about STORE.

Photo: STORE


Charming is located in the lovely Mariatorget – the perfect place for enjoying a good lunch after shopping. They sell ladies fashion, accessories and home decorations. Read more about Charming.

Photo: Charming



Do you dare to have your own style? Then you should visit Mondaii, the boutique with hand-selected, colourful fashions from Italy, France and the Danish brand Cream. Read more about Mondaii

Boutique Garanti

Garanti is a store with a huge selection of fashions! There are coats, jackets, fur, collars, hats, purses and jewellery. They have everything you need for the perfect outfit! Read more about Boutique Garanti.


Sensi is a mecca for comfortable yet fashionable underwear. The selection is wide-ranging and features several well-known brands. You will certainly find what you’re looking for! Read more about om Sensi

Photo: Sensi



At the north end of Kullagatan, there is a boutique called Style&Living, a place for fashion and lifestyle inspiration. All clothes, shoes and accessories are carefully selected and hand-picked from several different brands and designers. In addition, you’ll always receive friendly and high-class service! Read more about Style&Living.

Foto: Style&Living


The Gallery Shop

The Gallery Shop is always on trend! You’ll find the latest from ACNE, Toteme, Vince, Golden Goose, Deitas, Aeron and many other designers. Read more about The Gallery Shop


Zilo gathers the best of fashion, purses and other accessories from designers like Sisters Point, Gemini and Soya Concept. A stone’s throw from Stortorget! Read more about Zilo

Photo: Zilo



Zebra loves fashion and wants to convey their own ideas about lifestyle and trends. You’ll find inspiration for each aspect of the perfect outfit. Clothes, shoes, accessories and home décor – you’ll be walking out of here with a bag in your hand for sure! Read more about Zebra

Photo: Zebra


Cenino Donna

At Cenino Donna, you’ll see clothes from the world’s leading designers hanging gracefully on display. You’ll be greeted by friendly staff, get great styling advice and find garments that will make your style stick out from the crowd. Shop to your heart’s content among clothes from Valentino, Jil Sander, Yves Saint Laurent and more. Read more about Cenino Donna

Photo: Cenino Donna



Cirkus has been a favourite among the women of Helsingborg for many years. If you appreciate a more romantic style, then this boutique is for you! Many of the clothes come from the brand Fira, founded by the locals Lotta and Gunilla, but there are also many other designers represented here. Read more about Cirkus.

Photo: Cirkus


Egoo by Caroline

Egoo by Caroline is run by Caroline, of course! She has had a passion for fashion and clothes for several years. This interest led her to study abroad in Milan but now she is back in Helsingborg! Caroline chooses clothes for her shop based on her gut instinct for what is chic. Read more about Egoo by Caroline.

Photo: Egoo by Caroline

Fröken Ethel

At Fröken Ethel you’ll come across clothes with feeling and style, all carefully selected from brands like b.belt, syster P, Lise Sandahl, Ash Italy, Staff, Granath, cream,pulz, culture, please, get Lost, freddy the club, Ester Elenora, Vintage by fe’, Please, Plus Fine, Ajlajk and Cowboysbags. Read more about Fröken Ethel.

Photo: Fröken Ethel


Belami has clothes for the fashion conscious woman of any age.  You can create a fashionable look from brands like Davida, Morris, Avet and Guess among others. Read more about Belami.


In the year 1899 in Helsingborg the word starts getting out that the tailor August Stenström is making the highest quality and most fashionable shirts around, all of a sudden the orders start flowing in. That same year, Stenström builds his first factory and the rest, as they say, is history. The Collection has developed over the years and these days, in the boutique on Stortorget, you will find clothes for both men and women. Read more about Stenströms.

Photo: Stenströms

Carl Hoff

When it comes to fashion, there is so much more to it than just clothing. Jewellery can really make a whole outfit! At Carl Hoff, they sell both prominent global brands as well as their own collection of jewellery that is created with great care and attention to details. Read more about Carl Hoff

Photo: Carl Hoff


It was obvious that the Helsingborg company Gents would open its first Barber & Shop in Helsingborg! Here you will find cologne, beard and skin products for men. You can even have your beard or moustache trimmed or get a classic shave with a straight blade. Read more about Gents


Electa is the oldest perfumery in Sweden – over 100 years old! In the store on Kullagatan, not only are there skin and make-up products but also an extensive assortment of perfumes. If you feel like you can’t decide, there are always knowledgeable staff available to help and give you some tips. Read more about Electa.

Photo: Electa

Rebecca Falck Gold & Diamonds

Rebecca is a Danish jewellery designer who has opened a boutique in Helsingborg. She creates jewellery inspired by the rich and diverse patterns found in nature as well as classic and experimental design. You will definitely fall in love with at least one of her pieces. Read more about Rebecca Falck Gold & Diamonds

Familjen AB

Are you tired of newly manufactured goods and rather looking for used children’s clothes and toys of high quality? You’re not alone! The owners of Family AB believe in the potential of taking advantage of things that already exist, which can be to the delight of more than one family. Read more about Familjen AB