Photo : Anna Alexander Olsson

Picturesque Råå

Råå is a quaint coastal community south of Helsingborg. From 1880 it was the largest fishing village in Sweden. If you visit today, you’ll be greeted by friendly locals, cosy cobblestone streets, unique boutiques and incredible nature. So, when are you planning your visit to Råå?

Studio Stilista

If you’re interested in fashion and the latest trends, you’ve surely seen @FruStilista on Instagram. Jenny Hjalmarsson Boldsen is the woman behind the account and also the owner of Studio Stilista. The boutique is a unique studio space where, together with Jenny, you can get personal tips and advice for your own wardrobe – to add items to your existing wardrobe or create a new style through some new outfits that you can easily combine yourself whether it’s daytime, dinner time or party time! Read more about Studio Stilista

Club Sally

At Club Sally, the motto is ”personalised service and a unique assortment”. The boutique is a meeting place as well as a clothing store with a relaxed pace and a personal environment. You can get advice and tips or just stroll around and have a look in peace and quiet. You can also book a personal styling consultation – perfect if you’re looking for some inspiration! Read more about Club Sally.

Trivas på Råå

Relax. Have something good to eat, get a nice massage and just enjoy a moment in peace and tranquillity. This is what you’ll find at Trivas på Råå. It is the perfect place to take a break when you need a breather from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Read more about Trivas på Råå

Photo: Trivas på Råå

Råå Museum for Fishing and Shipping

Learn more about Råå from the time it was an active fishing village.  And check out what has been preserved from that time. In the exhibitions, you will hear stories about the seamen, fishermen and the fish as you discover the history of this quaint town. Stop in and find out more! Read more about Råå Museum för fiske och sjöfart

Veras Deli & Café

Vera’s Deli is a small deli and bistro where you can taste exciting cheeses and meats from all over the world, or enjoy a bit of lunch or a coffee. The popular shrimp sandwich or meat and cheese platter are highly recommended! Read more about Veras Deli & Café

Photo: Veras Deli

Rååns dalgång – vandring

Rååns dalgång is a beautiful nature reserve that runs from Raus church near Råå all the way to Gantofta. Few places have the same stunning environment with a flowing river, leafy forests and open pastures. In the spring and summer months you can see and hear many of the birds native to the area. During the autumn and winter you might be lucky enough to see the performance of the trout swimming up river to play. Perfect for hiking at any time of the year! Read more about Rååns dalgång

Råå vallar – strand

Råå Vallar is where the Danish army landed in 1709. After that, the city constructed a mighty defence wall that is clearly evident today. You can even walk along it. If you’re visiting Helsingborg in the summer, you can go for a swim along the shallow beach or go snorkelling at one of the two snorkelling trails located here. Read more about Råå vallar.

Photo: Anna Alexander Olsson


Year round, Rååbåtarna do fishing tours departing from the harbour in Råå. Depending on the season, you might fish cod, garfish, saithe or flatfish. From May to August there are boats that go over to the island of Ven – head on over for a lovely excursion! Read more about Rååbåtarna.