Photo: Paolo’s

Guide: After Shopping

Restaurang Vinylbaren, The Tivoli

The Tivoli is as much a given in Helsingborg’s entertainment scene as Zoégas coffee in every locals coffee tin. The restaurant and bar is situated in the old steam ferry terminal that was built in 1898. Since 1996, it has been a hot spot for eating, drinking, dancing and jamming. They serve brunch on Saturday afternoons and there is a proper á la carte menu to delve into served from 16:00. Put your shopping bags down and take some time to enjoy the moment! Read more about Vinylbaren.

Photo: The Tivoli

Ålgrändens Ost & Deli

Ålgrändens Cheese & Deli is a cosy bar, restaurant and deli shop. All good things in one place! Order a finely aged glass of wine and enjoy some tasty tapas.  This is the perfect end to a day of shopping and a good start on a Saturday night. Read more about Ålgrändens Ost & Deli.

Photo: Ålgrändens Ost & Deli

Bistro V

Bistro V is like a cosy living room where you can hang out in a lounge-like of atmosphere and really enjoy yourself. On Saturdays starting at 15:30 they offer ”Afternoon Bubbles” – how great does that sound?! Drop your shopping bags, order a bottle of bubbly wine for a reasonable price and compliment it with a few oysters. Read more about Bistro V

Photo: Bistro V

Venti Trattoria

Are you looking for a subdued restaurant where you can enjoy the quiet? Then you should NOT go to Venti! Everything here is a bit more intimate, a bit more fun and has a bit more of a buzz. Just like an Italian Trattoria is meant to be. One thing is for sure, at Venti Trattoria you will always find tasty food, tasty drinks and great atmosphere. Read more about Venti Trattoria.

Photo: Venti Trattoria

At Mollberg - Hälsingborg

At Mollberg you will find the perfect marriage of both Swedish and French cooking, all in a beautiful setting! Order your favourite cocktail and take a seat in the lounge area at the front of the bar where you can take a breather from the day’s shopping. Hungry? You can choose between small dishes or a proper dinner.  Read more about At Mollberg.

Photo: At Mollberg

The Bishops Arms Mollberg

If At Mollberg is cocktails, lounge and white tablecloths – then The Bishop Arms Mollberg is the total opposite! There is an incredible selection of beer and single malt whisky, all carefully chosen. This is quite simply a classic pub with a warm atmosphere and a sense of community. Read more about The Bishop Arms Mollberg

Photo: The Bishops Arms Mollberg

Kitchen & Table

Are you a fan of gin? Then head on over to Kitchen & Table! The gin assortment is a bit out of the ordinary and you can always get some help from the knowledgeable staff to find a new favourite. Of course, you can take a seat and have a bite to eat as well – Kitchen & Table offers everything from snacks, smaller dishes and dinner for hungry customers. Read more about Kitchen & Table

Photo: Kitchen & Table

KOL & Cocktails

The name gives you a hint about what you’ll find here; chargrilled delicacies of all sorts and really decadent cocktails. Everything from shellfish to fish, vegetables, fruit and bread spend some time on the grill. In the bar, cocktails are created starting with fresh, hand-squeezed juices.  The cocktails are the work of pure craftsmanship and you’re guaranteed to find something new and exciting on the menu. Read more about Kol & Cocktails

Photo: KOL & Cocktails

Munthes Krog

Munthes openly declares its love for food, drink, the city of Helsingborg and its residents – both now and throughout history. There are tons of exciting beers to taste and simple, good food without the frills. This is a relaxed and fun spot to hang out in! Read more about Munthes

Photo: Helsingborg Citysamverkan


At Paolo´s you can enjoy a good pasta or pizza, sip on a nice glass of wine with some delicate cheeses and sliced meats, have a beer or eat a tasty pastry and drink coffee made from hand-roasted beans. There’s something for everyone here! Read more about Paolo´s.

Photo: Paolo’s