Photo: Martin Olson 

Guide: 9 places to visit

1. Hang out with a pig at Fredriksdal

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and visit Fredriksdal, one of Sweden’s best known open air museums. You will find amazing gardens and an old town quarter where you’ll get a dose of the olden days as well as meet lots of different animals to pet, like the pigs for example! Read more about Fredriksdal.

Photo: Jurate Kaminskate 

2. Take a royal outing to Sofiero

It is worth visiting the wonderful grounds of Sofiero in both summer and winter. The garden is ranked one of the most beautiful in all of Europe. Explore the exciting ravines, study the plants and smell the flowers… Read more about Sofiero.

Photo: Anders Ebefeldt Studio e

3. Do a cannon ball into the waters of Öresund

There are 40 km of lovely beaches in northwest Skåne and 1,248 places to do a cannon ball! In central Helsingborg, you will find one of the best places – the piers along Gröningen – also close to lots of ice cream stands. Get your bathing suit on and pack your towel! Read more about Gröningen.

Photo: Lisa Wikstrand

4. Swing on the giant swing at Fria Bad

Did you know there is a giant swing in the water near the beach at Fria Bad? Perfect for when you want to cool your legs off, or challenge a friend to see who can swing the highest. Make sure you catch some good air! Read more about Fria Bad.

Photo: Lotta Wittinger


5. Pet the monkeys at Tropikariet

At Tropikariet you can pet the monkeys, hold the snakes and listen to the bats flying around overhead. Do you dare visit them? Read more about Tropikariet.

6. Take a selfie at the top of Kärnan

Kärnan is one of the most instagrammed places in Helsingborg. You shouldn’t leave the city without making a stop there. Walk the stairs up to the top, take a cool selfie and tag it with #visithelsingborg! Read more about Kärnan.

Photo: Ole Jais


7. Eat an ice cream at Parapeten

Parapeten is located right on the water, just go past Dunkers kulturhus and over Kvickbron to find it. Just a minute – what is a big, yellow American schoolbus doing out there? Why, it’s filled with all kinds of ice cream! Choose your favourite flavour , sit down at Parapeten and enjoy! Read more about Helsingborg’s Ice Cream Factory.

Photo: Lisa Wikstrand


8. Leave the country

And we don’t mean leave Helsingborg right in the middle of the championships and head to Spain. Just take a little tour to Helsingör, Denmark for an hour or two. On the ferry you can buy all sorts of tax-free goods and there are lots of places to shop or stop for coffee. Why not try a classic Danish pastry? Read more about the ferry schedule here.

9. Drink some Ramlösa mineral water right from the source

Did you know that the mineral water Ramlösa comes from the beautiful Ramlösa Brunnspark just south of the city? Why don’t you pack a picnic? Fill your backpack and stroll around the park for a while. If you forget your water bottle, it doesn’t matter, the spring has lots of water that you can drink on the spot! Read more about Ramlösa Brunnspark.

Photo: Ole Jais