The view from Kärnan
Photo: Markus Nilsson

Guide: 5 Popular Attractions

1. Dunkers Kulturhus

Dunkers Kulturhus is located right next to the water in Helsingborg’s northern harbor. The focus here is culture, where visitors can experience historical as well as contemporary art, different types of performance art and discussions and debates on a wide variety of topics. The architect of the building is Kim Utzon, son of the architect who designed the Opera House in Sydney. Dunkers is a counterpart to Kronborg Castle on the other side of the Sound. Here you can also enjoy a bite to eat in the restaurant or bistro. Read more about Dunkers Kulturhus.

Photo: Anna Nilsson

2. Sofiero

Every year, tens of thousands of visitors come to Sofiero to enjoy the blooming beauty, the royal traditions and the wonderful view of the Sound. The garden is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe! Here you can explore the thrilling ravines, visit the exhibition in the castle, enjoy the enchanted forest, enjoy a tasty lunch in the glass veranda or just be. Sofiero has something for the whole family, and the park is as beautiful summer as winter. Read more about Sofiero.

Photo: Sophie Håkansson


3. Fredriksdal

Fredriksdal is one of the largest open air museums in Sweden. Here is something for everyone when it comes to nature and culture. Visit the charming old town district, smell your way through the spice garden, see at the animals in the farm and be fascinated by the splendor of the rosary. Or just take a nice walk all year round. Hungry? There is both food and coffee in the garden café. Visiting Fredriksdal museums and gardens is like making a historic trip. Read more about Fredriksdal

Fredriksdal during Mikaeli Marknad
Photo: Anders Ebefeldt

4. Kärnan

Kärnan, one of Helsingborg’s most well-known symbols, is a nearly 700-year-old watch tower. The tower is the only thing that remains of the medieval fortress called Helsingborg Castle. Kärnan is 35 meters high and consists of 4 floors and a roof terrace. In the tower there is an exhibition that tells more about Kärnan and the medieval history. Among other things, you can try on period clothing and sit down and play a medieval game. Please note that Kärnan is open March-November. Read more about Kärnan.

5. St. Mary's Church

At Mariatorget, surrounded by restaurants from all over the world, you will find St. Mary’s Church. The church is the oldest in the city and dates back to the 12th century, but was rebuilt to its current Gothic style in the 15th century. In the 14th century, the church was one of Denmark’s largest city churches. Read more about om St. Mary’s Church

Photo: Måns Fornander