Photo: Anna Alexander Olsson

Guide: 24 Hours in Helsingborg

Are you planning a trip to Helsingborg and looking for things to do? Read on and get an action-packed 24 hour schedule full of relaxation, culture and good food.


Start your day in the picturesque village of Råå. This quaint town used to be Sweden’s largest fishing village and you will still get this vibe when you visit. Start with some shopping in the small boutiques and then have a cup of coffee, stroll around in the harbour or just sit on the beach and enjoy the moment. Read more here about what to do in Råå.

Photo: Anna Alexander Olsson

Time to head towards the city and shop ´til you drop! There are tons of stores, everything from local boutiques to larger fashion retailers. Whether you’re on the hunt for a few basic items, an extra special party outfit or a new coat, you will surely find it here.

Photo: Style & Living 


Tired? Recharge your batteries and do some after shopping! There are plenty of places to relax, have a glass of wine or indulge in something good to eat. Check in at your hotel, rest and get yourself ready for an evening on the town. There are all kinds of entertainment to choose from: Perhaps you will get lured into Konserthuset by the sultry tones of the Helsingborg Symphony orchestra? Or, perhaps an exciting performance is going on at the Helsingborg City Theatre? Maybe do a two-step through Sundspärlan? Or boogie on at The Tivoli? Well, you get it…there sure isn’t anything wrong with Helsingborg’s entertainment scene.

Helsingborg Symphony orchestra
Photo: Sophie Håkansson 

If you go to The Tivoli, you’ve probably had some drinks, eaten a bit and danced, or perhaps it’s time for a late dinner… The day is coming to a close and it’s time to say farewell for now. Sleep tight!

Photo: Bistro V 


Good morning – rise and shine! Are you looking forward to a tasty hotel breakfast? Bacon, eggs, pancakes, fruit and freshly baked bread will give anyone a good start to the day.

Hopefully you’ve brought some good walking shoes because now it’s time for a morning walk by the sea. Stroll your way along through the city to Norra Hamnen (The North Harbour) and then further along the coastline. Eventually, you’ll reach one of Helsingborg’s cold bathing house – Kallis!  No bathing suit with you? Not a problem, everyone bathes naked here – you’re not even allowed to have a bathing suit! Just hang out in the sauna for a bit and then hop into the water.  If you weren’t awake before, you certainly will be now – and full of positive energy.

Photo: Anna Alexander Olsson

Did you languish in the water or did you get it over with as quickly as possible? If you have time, you can continue wandering along the coast to Sofiero. Have a coffee and something to eat at Brödkultur 2.0 or in the Glass Veranda at Sofiero Palace.

Photo: Sophie Håkansson

Now it’s time to head home and we’re so glad you came for a visit! Hope to see you again in Helsingborg – Sweden’s best weekend destination.