Photo: Anna Alexander Olsson


Guide: 10 Restaurants

1. Tokyo 15

Fine dining sushi-style – with a grill to boot! You can order everything from sushi to tempura clams or a classic filet of beef with an Asian twist. The atmosphere is cosy but low-key. Tokyo 15 is featured in the famous White Guide. Read more about Tokyo 15

Photo: Tokyo 15

2. KOL & Cocktails

The name gives you a hint about what you’ll find here; chargrilled delicacies of all sorts and really decadent cocktails. Everything from shellfish to fish, vegetables, fruit and bread spend some time on the grill here. In the bar, cocktails are created with a base of fresh, hand-squeezed juices.  The cocktails are pure craftsmanship and you’re guaranteed to find something new and exciting on the menu. Read more about KOL & Cocktails.

Photo: Kol & Cocktails

3. AnJo Wine & Dine

AnJo is a relatively new star in Helsingborg’s restaurant constellation – and it is becoming a fast favourite. The kitchen experiments with tastes from all over the world and the atmosphere is both quaint and international. You can always count on an excellent wine suggestion no matter what you are eating. Read more about AnJo

Photo: AnJo

4. Sillen & Makrillen

Sillen & Makrillen is located at the water’s edge with glorious views over Öresund and Denmark! You can enjoy both sunny summer days and cosy autumn evenings. At Sillen & Makrillen, the delicacies of the sea are always a feature on the menu, that varies according to the season. Read more about Sillen och Makrillen

Photo: Sillen och Makrillen

5. Gastro

Does the name sound familiar? That’s not surprising since Gastro has been ranked as one of the best restaurants in Sweden for several years now. You will find international tastes made with local produce and seasoned with Scandinavian influences. While you sit in the elegant yet comfortable dining room, you can also see the magic happening in the kitchen. Read more about Gastro.

Photo: CarlMagnus Johansson

6. Creo

Creo is a restaurant with a genuine “at home” feeling. When you take the stairs up you’ll come into the cosy dining room where internationally inspired small dishes are served. Order a few, share with your friends and have a wonderful, relaxed evening! Read more about Creo

Photo: Helsingborg Citysamverkan

7. Drottninggatan 35

Drottninggatan 35 is a neighbourhood bar and restaurant that makes most locals want to move into the Kristinehall quarter. The restaurant is welcoming, there is always a buzz in the atmosphere and the food consists of small courses that taste divine. It’s the perfect place for meeting up with a group of friends at the weekend.  Read more about Drottninggatan 35.

Foto: Drottninggatan 35

8. Bara Vara

No visit to Bara Vara is ever the same. The menu is tailored to the season and the fantastic produce always shines through. You can order smaller dishes or a classic three course meal – the choice is yours. There is an international vibe and apart from having a tasty dinner, another advantage is that you can stay on for a drink or two afterward. Read more about Bara Vara

Photo: Bara Vara

9. Nabo Matbar

At Nabo there is a food bar as well as a restaurant. In the restaurant, they serve medium courses, where two dishes serve as a main course – an excellent way to enjoy different tastes during your visit. In the food bar you’ll find simpler dishes, snacks and a proper drinks list. Read more about Nabo

Photo: Nabo

10. Château Forêt

It’s easy to be deceived by the French name but you can forget the white table cloths and proper etiquette here. It feels more like a cosy living room where you can enjoy yourself and eat food prepared from locally-sourced ingredients. Here you’ll find a joyful combination of both Swedish and French kitchens. Read more about Château Forêt.

Photo: Château Forêt