When does the rhododendron bloom at Sofiero?
Usually in the middle of May until the end of June. Read more about Sofiero.

What’s a must-do in Helsingborg?
There’s a lot to discover in Helsingborg. Many visitors begin with the five main attractions, which are Dunkers Kulturhus, Fredriksdal Museums and Gardens, Sofiero Palace and Gardens, Kärnan and the Church of St. Mary.

What’s the cost of entry at Sofiero/Fredriksdal/Kärnan/Dunkers?
Sofiero: 120 SEK
Fredriksdal: 100 SEK June-Aug, 80 SEK 18/4-31/5 + 1/9-29/9
Kärnan: 60 SEK
Dunkers: 100 SEK

Is there an elevator inside Kärnan?
No, there’s no elevator to take you up Kärnan. There is, however, an elevator by Terrasstrapporna that will take you from Stortorget up to Slottshagen. The elevator is a part of Helsingborg’s public transport and ticket prices are set by Skånetrafiken’s tariff. Read more about opening hours and pricing here.

Is it possible to visit City Hall?
City Hall isn’t normally open to the public. There are, however, occasions when they host an open house with guided tours. Check upcoming dates in the event calendar. If you don’t see any results, there aren’t any planned dates.

How often do the ferry go to Elsinore?
There are two ferry lines between Helsingborg and Elsinore. ForSea’s ferries depart every 15 minutes and Sundsbussarna’s ferries depart once an hour.

How do I get to Sofiero?
You can take the number 8 bus to Laröd, or drive north along Drottninggatan and after about 4 km you’ll have Sofiero on your left.

How does taking the bus work in Helsingborg?
You can pay with a credit card on the city buses as well as the regional buses. This entails a 10 SEK service fee on the city buses, however. You can purchase one-way tickets and other kinds of tickets in Skånetrafikens office at Helsingborg C. You can also buy one-way tickets at Helsingborg’s Info Points or download Skånetrafikens app and buy tickets there.

Is it possible to walk to Fredriksdal? Which buses go there?
Absolutely, Fredriksdal is a 25 minute walk from the city centre. You can also take the number 1 or number 22 bus. Get off at Juelsgatan and walk approximately 500 metres to the east until you get to Fredriksdal’s main entrance.

Where can I rent a bike?
You can rent a bike at TravelShop in Knutpunkten. At Kungstorget and Stortorget you’ll also find a number of bikes that can be rented through the Donkey Rep app.

Can I bring my bike on to the train?
You’ll need a bike ticket for your bike. The cost is the same as a child’s ticket. Bikes can be brought on to the train if there’s room. It’s always the train attendant who decides how many bikes can fit.

Where can I find long-term parking?
There are two larger long-term carparks:
Carpark Finland at Östra Sandgatan (7 days) and Småbåtshamnen Carpark by Parapeten (72 days).
Map showing long-term car parks.

Where can I park for longer than a week?
Sockerbruksgatan: It’s important that you pay attention to the signage so you end up in the city’s paid parking area. IKEA has a large carpark directly next to it, and you can’t park there without permission. The fee at Sockerbruksgatan is 5 SEK / hour.
Sundstorgsgaraget: Here you can park indoors, but you can’t leave or collect your car between 00-06. There’s also camera surveillance and a patrolling guard. The fee at Sundstorgsgaraget varies: on weekdays from 8 to 18 and Saturdays from 8 to 15 it costs 15 SEK / hour, and at all other times it costs 5 SEK / hour.
You can park for 30 days at both of these locations, but you can’t pay for the full stretch in the ticket machines. You’ll need to use one of these parking apps: Easypark, Parkster, or Smspark.

Where can I get a taxi?
There’s a taxi stall at the entrance to Knutpunkten where approved taxi companies are allowed to operate.

How do I get on ForSea’s ferries?
If you’re on foot, simply take the stairs up to the third floor at Helsingborg C. You can also buy tickets here.
See route description for cars. If you’re driving, not that tickets are bought at registers shortly before driving on to the ferry.

Where can I find luggage storage?
At Helsingborg C you’ll find storage lockers in the waiting hall by the escalator to tracks 1 and 2. There are two sizes, the larger being approx. 40x60x100 cm. You can book a locker for a maximum of 5 days. Cost: 30-40 SEK/day. Paid with coins.

What’s the easiest way to get to Copenhagen?
There are two ways to get to Copenhagen from Helsingborg. You can either take the Helsingborg-Copenhagen train via Malmö, or take the ferry to Elsinore and then get on the Elsinore-Copenhagen train. See travel information.

Where can I park my campervan?
The north harbour: Out by Parapeten close to the marina you find parking year-round, with access to electricity, toilets, showers, a sauna as well as a latrine emptying service all included in the price. No reservations, it’s first come first serve. You pay in a ticket machine by the marina office.
Råå harbour: 12 spots during the summer (1 June – 1 September). 200 SEK/night. Offers access to electricity, toilets, and a shower. Paid through a ticket machine. First come, first serve.

What does it mean to “tura”?
To “tura” is a local expression for traveling back and forth on the ferry multiple times without getting off in Elsinore. While on the ferry you can enjoy some tasty food and beverages.

Do you have information about the bike path running between Helsingborg and Gothenburg?
The bike path between Helsingborg and Gothenburg is called Kattegattleden. See further information about Kattegattleden.

Where can I go fishing? Do I need a permit?
If you want to head out onto the Sound to fish for cod or herring, or for some fly fishing, there are fishing boats you can get on. They depart from the north harbour and Råå harbour. From land you can fish at Västhamnspiren if you have a fishing permit. Contact Västhamnens Sportfiskeförening. It’s also possible to fish at Råån and Raus’ pond. 

What’s the difference between Landborgspromenaden and Kullaleden?
Landborgspromenaden goes from Sofiero Palace in the north, via the city centre to Raus church in the south. It comprises several different environments and offers a beautiful walk full of variation and fantastic views. The northern part of the path, between Sofiero and Kärnan, connects with Kullaleden. Kullaleden is part of the SL5 section of Skåneleden which goes around Kullahalvön from Helsingborg, via Höganäs, Kullaberg and Arild to Utvälinge. The route is 70 km long and offers many varied experiences along its length. Start at Kärnan.

What opening hours do the stores in Helsingborg have?
The general opening hours for stores in Helsingborg City are weekdays 10-18, Saturdays 10-16 and Sundays 12-16 (with some exceptions). For Väla Shopping mall the opening hours are weekdays 10-20, Saturdays and Sundays 10-18. 
For the Elsinore village centre opening hours are weekdays 10-19, Saturdays 10-16 and Sundays 11-16. 

Where can I buy souvenirs?
There are a few different stores in Helsingborg that stock souvenirs.

Akademibokhandeln at Stortorget sells Dalecarlian horses (dalahästar) as well as some Helsingborg and Sweden themed books.
By the Books is located in the north harbour at Kajpromenaden 4a. They have everything from books, games, Dalecarlian horses, postcards, badges, coffee mugs, towels and more.
Sjögrens Tobak on Kullagatan has the classic keychains, magnets, postcards, hats and so on.
Pressbyrån at Stortorget and at the central station both have a small collection of postcards, keychains and magnets.

Where can I get brochures and maps?
You can pick up maps and brochures from any of the city’s 24 InfoPoints. If it’s not possible for you to visit an InfoPoint we’ll happily send brochures to your home free of charge. If you need a detailed map with a street index these are available for purchase at our Contact Centre and Akademibokhandeln.
You can also visit the digital document bank for maps and brochures.

What is Knutpunkten?
Knutpunkten is a local slang term for Helsingborg C, the central station. From here you can catch buses, trains and ForSea’s ferries to Elsinore.

Where can I exchange money?
Forex have two locations in Helsingborg: in the central station on level 1, where you can also find an ATM for foreign currency, and at Järnvägsgatan 13.

Who do I contact in case of an emergency?
In an acute emergency, call the emergency services by dialling 112. For medical advice call 1177. For all police matters that don’t concern ongoing or recent crimes or incidents, call 114 14.

Where can I find free Wi-Fi?
Helsingborg has an open, free Wi-Fi network that you can use in most parts of the city. Surf zones for free Wi-Fi.